SFS - Static Failover Service


· Static Internet (IP) Addresses to Support Business Services

· Provide Failover from a Primary to Secondary ISP Service 

· Fallback to Primary ISP when Available

· Maintain Static IP Regardless of Active ISP Service in use

· Hardware Plug and Play Solution

ISP Carrier Service Supported

· Supports Carriers with Static or Dynamic IP Addresses

· Supports Carriers with Public or Private IP Addresses

· Cellular, Any Carrier

· VSAT, Any Carrier

· Wireless, Any Carrier

· Wireline, Any Carrier

· Misc. ISP, Any Carrier

Optional Services

· Multi Carrier Support

· Cloud Transition/Preparation

· Priority Cloud Service Routing


· Traffic Shaping

· Carrier Bonding

· Inter-Office/Local Networking

· Managed IT Services

o Remote/Onsite Support

o Remote Data Backup

o Disaster Recovery 

o Firewall Services

o VoIP/Skype

o Application Support